Ji Ga Zo Puzzle - Product Detail

Ji Ga Zo is revolutionizing the puzzle category! This awesome puzzle has 300 pieces that you arrange to create any face - even your own! Start out with any digital image and upload it using the Ji Ga Zo software. The software figures out the placement of each piece and builds a unique icon map. Then, it’s up to you to arrange the pieces according to the icon map and watch your own special image come together! These 300 pieces are specially created with unique colors and shading that let them interlock to create almost any face image you upload. The possibilities are virtually endless and the “face-making” fun goes on and on! CD-ROM includes icon maps for Mona Lisa, a collie dog, a kitten, a panda bear and MR MONOPOLY. Includes CD-ROM with software and instructions, 300 puzzle pieces and assembly grid. Adult installation required. Note* PC system minimum requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7, 2 GHz, 1 GB memory, 600 dpi printer, 4x CD-Rom or Macintosh OS X 10.4.11, 1.83 GHz Intel, 512 memory, 600 dpi printer, 4x CD-Rom. Ages 8 and up.



Ji Ga Zo Puzzle